Simple PCI DSS Certification

Simplified PCI DSS certification process, removes all of the requirements of PCI DSS with the need to only fill out a simplified SAQ (Self-Assessment Questionnaire) Type A.

 Payment Processor Neutral

Payment processor independent Tokenization, no need to be locked into one payment processor or tokenization solution. HPCI Tokens are transferable between supported payment gateways and processors.

 Cost Savings

Typical PCI in house projects can run into the millions of dollars with unpredictable timelines and remediation costs. As well as some third party hosting services charge for tokenization, storage, and processing however, at HostedPCI we only charge for processing transaction.

 Flexible Deployment

Flexible deployment allowing for seamless integration anywhere on the merchant website.

 One Solution

One solution that works across online, mobile, call center, CRM, ERP and other internal applications.

 Simple Cost Model

Simple all-in cost/transaction model that scales to millions of transactions.

 Short Timeframe

Predictable, short timeframe for implementation with several pre-built integrations.

 Cloud Based

Cloud Based PCI DSS Solution for Online, Call Center and Mobile Transaction processing.

 Complete Indemnification

Complete indemnification against credit card breach.