Case Study – Ecommerce

Case Study – Ecommerce

Ecommerce Case Study

HostedPCI was pleased to support a client specializing in delivering a versatile E-commerce platform, meticulously designed to empower small businesses offering products and/or services. This platform is tailored for those seeking to enhance their capabilities in accepting and processing payments, ensuring the seamless operation of their online ventures by integrating essential features and functionalities.

Serving as a vital resource, our client’s platform is indispensable for merchants seeking a dependable and functional method of payment collection. The client’s proficiency facilitates the rapid development of distinctive storefronts for each merchant, enhancing their digital presence. By embedding our secure IFrame for payment collection directly into these storefronts, merchants can efficiently accomplish one of the most critical aspects of business operations – payment processing.

Our IFrame is seamlessly integrated into each merchant’s checkout page, capturing the essential credit card information. The credit card number is securely stored within the vault, and a token is generated and retained within their backend system. Merchants enjoy the advantage of a customized payment profile within our extensive backend portal, with each transaction being tokenized individually. Significantly, all credit card information is securely stored in a centralized vault managed by our client. This approach ensures PCI Compliance for every small business operating within our client’s platform, guarantees the secure storage of sensitive data, and provides adaptability, enabling merchants to process payments through their chosen gateway.

Ecommerce iFrame Flow

Through this strategic collaboration between our HostedPCI solution and our client’s e-commerce platform, these small business merchants are able to strengthen the security of online transactions but also enhance the site’s authority, cultivating a reliable and efficient E-commerce ecosystem for both merchants and consumers. The synergy between HostedPCI and our client aims to elevate the user experience, foster trust, and ultimately, drive the success of small businesses in the digital marketplace.

By using this strategy, the client was able to reduce their PCI scope, as the entire process of collecting, storing, and exchanging data was moved to a secure third-party proxy. This essentially reduced their PCI scope from SAQ Type D which is a tedious process of carefully answering around four hundred questions to an SAQ Type A which is approximately eleven questions.

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