Case Study – Health

Case Study – Health

HPCI Health case study

HostedPCI was commissioned by a healthcare service provider overseeing multiple clinics within a city to devise a secure and user-friendly payment solution. The client’s goal was to provide their customers with the option to pay invoices at a later date, without compromising the security of their payment information.

Understanding the diverse demographics of the clientele, the client stressed the importance of accommodating both telephonic and online payments. To address this, integration with our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system and our IFrame proved to be instrumental for their operations. These integrations allowed customers the flexibility to either contact a business office for assistance in payment information retrieval or to directly settle their invoices through the company’s website.

Each clinic operates its own website and manages individual IVR calls. Instead of processing payment information in real time, each location securely queues this information. This data is then sent to a central location for secure and efficient payment processing, ensuring that transactions align with the client’s need for a reliable and convenient payment solution.

HPCI File DIspatch Flow

For the purpose of batch file processing, the client utilizes HostedPCI’s File Dispatch solution. This facilitates the secure transfer of encrypted files on a weekly basis for payment processing. An API call is configured for each clinic, notifying the central location weekly that the file is ready for pickup. Once the file is received and processed at the final destination, a confirmation API call is sent to each clinic, confirming the completion of payment.

This collaborative approach with HostedPCI has empowered the healthcare service provider to offer a secure, flexible, and efficient payment solution, catering to the diverse needs of their customers and ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of payment information.

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