Our Mission

Make PCI compliance hassle free and flexible for everyone.

Our Story

HostedPCI was launched in 2009 when we discovered a gap in the e-commerce market, where the companies had to choose between their customer service and their credit card information data security. Companies wanted to maintain control of their checkout processes but the costs for PCI DSS were extremely high. We wanted to solve this problem wherein the companies could maintain control of their checkout processes and remove the worry of PCI from their environment. Originally the e-commerce credit card pages were redirected to payment gateway’s checkout page which not only removed the ability to track the transactions but it also prevented the company from maintaining their customer experience. This led to the creation of HostedPCI iFrame and independent vaulting and tokenization solutions which allowed companies to maintain ownership and control of their data.

To begin our business we first needed to become PCI compliant, this was a difficult task at the beginning since no company had ever been certified for PCI DSS without any data in their system. PCI auditors were not sure how to evaluate PCI compliance without being able to review the data. However we did not give up, we knew that this was mandatory if we want to be a reputable company we needed to provide our clients’ security. HostedPCI first became PCI Level 1 compliant in 2010 and has remained PCI Level 1 compliant ever since. We are proud to announce that we have been PCI DSS Level 1 compliant for 10 years and counting.

With our certification and PCI solution for online payments in place, we were then determined to find a solution for the payment transactions carried through the call centers for our clients. We worked with our QSA to develop a PCI compliant IVR which allows our client to maintain their customer service experience. HostedPCI was one of the first 3rd party proxies to develop an assisted IVR solution. Our IVR solution became available to our clients in 2011.

Our Core Values


We believe in transparent and open communication to instill trust among all our clients.


We provide solutions that are flexible solutions, to tailor it around the unique requirements of each of our clients.

Customer Service

Our clients are our family. Giving our customers excellent service is our topmost priority so that they can focus on running their businesses successfully.


We understand that business needs to evolve and keep changing especially in the era of the internet. We pride ourselves to be adaptable to serve the changing needs of our clients.

What do we do:

HostedPCI is a 3rd party proxy, which provides data storage facilities to their clients to help them with their PCI DSS compliance needs. We are essentially an intermediate partner/service between you and your payment method, and we take on the burden of collecting, storing, and exchanging credit card data information from you. Tokenization and payment vaults are the core of our PCI solutions. Tokenization principally tokenizes your credit card number keeping the original first four and last four digits intact to hide sensitive data. The original information of the data is then stored in our credit card payment vault. This combination can be changed according to your needs like one and four, and four, and so on. Although we handle the data on your behalf, the ownership of this data remains with the clients. We pride ourselves on being flexible to adapt our solutions the way you need us to. Since we are platform-agnostic, we can seamlessly integrate with your payment methods irrespective of your payment gateway or the country in which your data resides. We aim to make PCI compliance easy for you.

For any PCI and tokenization related queried Contact Us or Try our demo. We are happy to assist you!