PCI issues new standards for contactless payments

The PCI Security Standards Council published a new data security standard that will let merchants accept contactless payments using commercial off-the-shelf mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets that utilize near field communications.

The initiative is part of an effort to enhance global data account security by developing standards and programs that support secure payment acceptance in new and emerging payment channels.

“Contactless, or tap and go, payment adoption is on the rise globally, and merchants want affordable, flexible and safe options for contactless payment acceptance that allows them to best serve their customers,” a spokesperson for PCI SSC told Mobile Payments Today via email.

The idea is to create a standard security framework so merchants can accept payment on these devices without the need for additional hardware.

“Ultimately this will lead to more opportunities for merchants, especially those not based in a fixed location or those new to card acceptance, to accept contactless payments in a secure manner,” she added.

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