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3D Secure 2.0 Exemptions

The 3D-Secure 2.0 process has been on every merchant’s mind lately as the deadline for compliance is fast approaching. While the general protocols regarding 3D Secure 2.0 are fairly straightforward there is some confusion regarding the exemptions which have been released along with the 3D-Secure mandate. There are three main categories for requesting an exemption to the Secure Customer Authentication (SCA) flow.


How can 3DS 2.0 Help your Business

Back in 2018, Europe announced changes that would be coming to the e-commerce, card-not-present payment space. This change was referred to as Secure Customer Authentication (SCA) which described a multi-factor authentication process for all customer-initiated transactions that took place online. As this mandate developed we began to see a new 3D Secure process evolve in order to fill this new protocol.


purpose of Credentials on File

While credentials on file made its first appearance in 2018 in the Canadian market through Visa it was not adopted throughout the rest of the world or issuers until now. Over the last year, online merchants across Europe have seen an increase in security surrounding customer privacy. This focus has led to new changes within the payment industry, by implementing what is now known as Secure Customer Authentication.