iPhone 13 Pro iOS 15.0.2 Security Hacked

Every year the best hackers from all over China join a popular hacking event to showcase their best hacking capabilities. The event that goes by the name of Tianfu Cup, offers the opportunity for hackers to break into the latest devices and systems while using unique, never-seen methods. During the latest hackathon event that took place in China, two different teams were able to impress the audience by hacking the latest iPhone 13. The iPhone 13 which runs on the latest iOS 15.0.2, fully patched, was actually hacked twice during this event. The first t Kunlun Lab team was able to hack the phone live on stage in a matter of only 15 seconds by utilizing a remote code through the Safari web browser. The second hack was done by Team Pangu, widely known for their skills when it comes to jailbreaking Apple devices. Although the full details of the second hack have not been fully disclosed, sources have suggested that this hack was done through a click link that bypassed the Safari security mechanism. Both teams are to release their detailed reports directly to Apple for any necessary patchwork. The Tianfu Cup is a popular event that takes place yearly, during the 2021 event there were also exploits against Windows 10, Microsoft Exchange and Google Chrome, and others.