REvil Group behind Hong-Kong marketing firm ransomware attack.

Fimmick is a well-established Hong Kong marketing firm with office locations across China, they represent big clients such as McDonalds, Coca-Cola, and Shel. This firm has been the latest target by the known Russian ransomware organization which goes by the name of REvil. REvil has recently reached out to Fimmick with threats to release the compromised data if they do not receive payment. During this large breach, Revil was able to gain access to the private data of not only the firm but also the extended data related to affiliated companies. Throughout the last year, marketing firms have become commonly targeted for ransomware attacks due to their direct connection to large corporations, when gaining access to data from a marketing firm it is more likely that the intended breach may result in further access to other companies. Although attacks on these firms have increased, and are usually hit on a very large scale, they often go unreported and therefore slide under the radar. For more details on the attack on Fimmick check out the link below.