How to maintain PCI compliance when your call centre agents are working from home

COVID-19 has rapidly changed a lot of things around the world. Nobody could have fathomed or prepared to deal with a pandemic of this size. Working from home has become the new normal for a lot of individuals and organizations which has come with its own set of challenges. Since we do not know when this pandemic will end or when we will be able to go back to our offices, we need to adapt our operations in order to continue supporting our consumer. One of these challenges is maintaining PCI compliance for call centers who have migrated to working from home and still need to accept the credit card number. 

While it is not easy to maintain PCI compliance for a call centre when all agents are in the office, it becomes more difficult and complicated to maintain PCI compliance while all of your agents are working from home. Since companies are unable to maintain all PCI DSS compliance requirements in each agent’s home, companies need to find new ways to ensure PCI compliance. 

Maintain PCI compliance

What can businesses do now to ensure PCI compliance while their agents are working from home?

HostedPCI’s IVR solution can help businesses and its agents to remain PCI compliant even when they are working from home. Our solution is extremely easy to implement and does not require any massive infrastructure or the PBX box. The HostedPCI’s IVR interface can easily be accessed on any Browser on any Laptop and the IVR phone line can be accessed seamlessly on the agent’s mobile phone and utilizing the conference button found on all phones. Agents just have to place a call to our IVR using their mobile phone and connect to the interface the same way they do within the office and then HostedPCI can help with the rest. If agents are unable to access the office portal from home, HostedPCI can provide custom portal access to the HostedPCI backend IVR portal from the browser without the need to download any software or implement any additional development. The HostedPCI IVR is a three way conference which allows the agent to remain on the line with the customer in order to maintain the overall customer experience. While the customer enters the credit card number using the touch tone pad our IVR will add additional DTMF tones into the credit card string to keep the agent out of PCI scope. With our hassle free IVR solution you can maintain PCI compliance without any complicated requirements and not worrying about the networks and devices your agents are using, which makes work from home easier. A lot of our clients have already implemented this solution in order to maintain PCI Compliance for their agents working from home. Kindly Contact Us to discuss the details of our solution and we will get in touch with you.