Security of Customer’s Cardholder Data

How to ensure the security of Customer’s Cardholder Data with a newly setup e-commerce business?

HPCI Data Residency Location Map

COVID-19 has forced a lot of businesses big or small to rethink the ways they interact with their customers. The brick-and-mortar retailers who had limited or no online presence are the most affected by this pandemic since they can no longer support their consumers. For this reason, many retailers are now forced to enter the online shopping world and set up their own websites in order to ensure that they are aligned with the new normal. With e-commerce business and the process of accepting payments online brings forth the question “How to protect the sensitive information of cardholder data accepted online from any cyber frauds?”

Accepting payments online and protecting your customer’s cardholder data is altogether a complex process and can be overwhelming at times especially for small businesses. We want to help Merchants with protecting their customer-sensitive data and to ensure that Merchants have full control over their payment process. There are three manager places where the customer’s credit card is vulnerable; the collection process, the storing of the credit card, and transmitting the data for payment. While payment gateways do offer collecting and storing solutions they remove much of the control from the Merchant and the flexibility of multiple payment solutions. With the HostedPCI services, we allow for full control and customization of the collecting, storing, and exchanging process giving control back to the customer.

How can HostedPCI help me to ensure data protection and control my payment process?

The HostedPCI iFrame solution is used to collect the customers credit card details directly from the Merchant’s checkout page and supplies a token to the Merchant with the customer billing information. Integrating our iFrame solutions is extremely easy, all you need to do is embed our iFrame into your page using our documentation and update the CSS styling within the staging environment in order to style the credit card fields to match your webpage. The card holder data is stored securely in our payment vaults, protecting the credit card data from any threat.

We understand that setting up a business online and managing it is a significant undertaking and we want to help you by securing your customers cardholder data so that you can concentrate on running your business successfully. To know more about our iFrame solution and how we can help you with your online business kindly Contact Us and we will get back to you and assist you with our solutions.