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Payment Tokenization Solution

Online Ecommerce iFrame: Easily embeddable into any online checkout page in order to securely collect the credit card from your customer.

The HostedPCI iFrame is completely customizing and supports all of the latest features of keystroke feedback, auto-population as well as the ability to trigger early tokenization. The HostedPCI iFrame by default collects only the credit card and CVV however this is also customizable with the iFrame being able to collect the Name on Card, Expiry Date as well. For more information about how the iFrame can be implemented to suit your business needs check out our documentation.

Call Center IVR: Assist your agents with collecting credit cards securely while they remain on the line to assist your customers.

The HostedPCI IVR was designed with customer experience in mind, for this reason, our IVR was developed as a three-way call that allows the agent to remain on the line while the customer securely enters their credit card. In order to remove the agent and any recording devices from the PCI scope the HostedPCI IVR salts the credit card string with additional tones while the customer is entering it. Sign up for a free demo today to learn more about the different available functionalities of our IVR.

API Tokenization: Easily tokenize your customers’ Credit card after collecting in order to store them securely.

HostedPCI understands that not all companies are able to change their collection method, for this reason, we have created an API through which companies can tokenize and store the credit card PAN. By utilizing this feature companies can reduce their scope by removing the credit card from their system without being able to change their collection process. If this sounds like a solution that suits your needs please checkout our documentation for more details.

Inbound Message Transfer: Collect credit card securely from your vendors by requesting them to be sent through HostedPCI.

We understand that some Merchants not only have to process credit cards but they also need a secure way to collect credit cards from their different vendors. HostedPCI has recently released a feature where HostedPCI can collect the credit cards from vendors on behalf of our merchants to tokenize the card and provide the token back to the merchant. For more details about our newly-released service, please contact us.

Our Solution is Flexible and Completely Customizable


Payment Tokenization Structure

The HostedPCI token structure can be adjusted to best suit any merchants needs, we have 3 standard structure types but if required we are more than happy to develop more.

4 + 8 + 4: First 4 digits match credit card and Last 4 digits match credit card

6 + 6 + 4: Bin is maintained in the token and last 4 digits match the credit card

1 + 9 + 4: First digit macthes the credit card and the last 4 digits match the credit card.

Payment Transaction Features

3D Secure 1.0 & 2.0: HostedPCI supports both 3DS 1.0 and 2.0 in order to provide you the ability to increase your authentication rates.

HostedPCI supports both 3DS 1.0 and 2.0 in order to provide you the ability to increase your authentication rates. 3D Secure 2.0 is a feature that has many benefits for merchants such as increased auth rates meaning over 10% more transactions are approved. 3D Secure is supported for all major card brands and required when dealing with European credit cards. HostedPCI easily supports 3D Secure through Cardinal Commerce as well as many different payment gateways, for more information about the gateway we currently support check out the documentation page.

Credentials on File: HostedPCI allows companies to reduce their chargebacks on recurring transactions by utilizing the store issuer ID on their additional transactions.

HostedPCI allows companies to reduce their chargebacks on recurring transactions by utilizing the store issuer ID on their additional transactions. The credentials on file feature work as a two-step process the first getting the customer permission and providing the CVV on the first transaction, the second step involves collecting the issuer id back on the first transaction and saving it for future MIT transactions. Credentials on File can also be used along with 3D Secure 2.0 to create greater protection against fraud and chargebacks. For more information on the gateways that support credentials on file check out our documentation page.

Data Residency: Choose where your data is stored, HostedPCI supports 4 Data Centers around the world.

USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, across 2 different data center providers Amazon AWS or Google GCP. We help global merchants collect and store their data within different data centers across the globe without having to manage numerous complicated solutions. The merchants are able to maintain full control of their data residing over different geographical locations from a single provider instead of managing multiple providers allowing for more flexibility and ease to maintain PCI compliance. Contact HostedPCI today for more information on our vaulting and tokenization solution within our different data centers and how they can assist you in maintaining PCI compliance while still following the preferred guideline of your country.

Gateway Tokenization: HostedPCI will create 3 additional gateway tokens upon request when the credit card is first collected in order to allow clients the ability to switch gateways at any time.

With all the new European mandates for the PSD2 mandate HostedPCI understands the benefits of being able to tokenize a card under multiple gateways in order to have liability protection if a merchant decides to switch gateways. HostedPCI will manage all the multiple tokens created and will even send transactions using the specified token instead of the real credit card. Contact us for more details about this brand new feature today.

Third Party Fraud Services:HostedPCI works with third-party fraud providers in order to allow our merchants the ability to make the best decisions around the transactions they collect.

HostedPCI’s most used third party fraud service is Kount. Kount works as a two-step flow the first is an auth request where HostedPCI sends the credit card information to Kount for analysis. Once the credit card is analyzed and the response is sent back to the Merchant they can then decide whether they would like to Capture the funds or not. If you would like more information about how we connect with Kount or other 3rd party fraud providers check out our third-party fraud page.

HostedPCI Credit Card Lock 3D Secure 2.0


Make Changes at Anytime with Ease

Payment Transaction Services

Gateways: Select from 1 or more of the gateways we support for direct payment processing.

HostedPCI supports a wide variety of actions including all payment actions, as well as 3D Secure, credentials on file, and for select gateways tokenization. HostedPCI allows merchants to connect with multiple gateways, without additional charges per gateway connection. The feature makes it easier for merchant service providers to support their clients’ unique payment flow while still maintaining PCI compliance, and keep the credit card PAN out of scope.

XML Message Transfer: Send the credit card along with the payment information to a third party of your choice.

HostedPCI not only supports direct payment through payment gateways but we also support third-party payment processing. HostedPCI supports a wide variety of third party processors such as Air Canada, Hertz, Travelport, Softvoyage, and more. With HostedPCI you can connect to as many third party processors as required, if you do not see the third party you need we are more than happy to integrate new ones.

File Transfer: Send and Recieve files of credit card data to and from vendors.

HostedPCI provides merchants the ability to send and receive batches of credit cards from vendors in order to better secure collect and process credit cards while allowing merchants to reduce their PCI scope. HostedPCI easily connects to any SFTP location provided by the merchant in order to send the credit cards safely and send the credit card to the required destination. Contact us today to get started with our file transfer solution today.