Case Study – Charity

HostedPCI was approached by a merchant who worked with different charities in order to submit their payments to multiple payment processors. This merchant requires the ability to collect and store credit card data from different charities in a secure manner. The charities collect credit card numbers from their different donors and store them locally until our merchant is able to collect them for processing. HostedPCI’s newest feature ‘Inbound Message Transfer’ was developed specifically for merchants who need the ability to retrieve credit card data from an SFTP location without needing to compromise their PCI scope. The Inbound Message Transfer feature ensures the merchant is PCI compliant by making sure the merchant never takes possession of the actual credit card. HostedPCI will handle the transfer of the credit card between the individual vendors and the merchant.

HPCI charity case study

Our merchant wanted the ability to reduce their PCI scope by no longer coming in contact with the real credit card and removing the requirement to store them in house. The biggest hurdle they faced was that all the charities they work with have their own unique collection processes which were not easily changeable to a new platform. Finding a solution where the merchant does not have control of the collection process is tough because most tokenization solutions require the merchant to have direct contact with the credit card. HostedPCI was able to provide the perfect solution for this merchant since it requires absolutely no changes to their vendors’ infrastructure and it still removed the credit card from ever entering the merchant’s environment. The HostedPCI’s Inbound message transfer feature collects the credit card information files from the vendors and then tokenizes the credit cards with a new HostedPCI token. The newly generated tokens are then returned to the merchants and can be used for all future transaction processing.

Once we had resolved the collection issue HostedPCI was then tasked with providing a solution for their multiple payment processing methods. Since our merchant worked with multiple different vendors to process payments on their behalf they required the ability to send real-time payments through specific gateways as well as a batch file upload to different additional third-party payment processors in a few unique situations. HostedPCI was happy to announce that there was no additional cost associated with the multiple connection endpoints required for use and that we supported multiple different gateways while the merchant only needed to manage one token. When it came to batch file processing HostedPCI was also able to provide our merchant the ability to upload real credit card files to specified SFTP locations for other third parties to retrieve the credit card information.

HPCI inbound message transfer flow

With HostedPCI’s flexible and customizable inbound, and outbound credit card processing solution HostedPCI was able to remove all credit cards out of our clients’ environment and intern reducing their PCI scope. HostedPCI offers merchants the ability to customize their payment processing in order to fit every business need and reduce every merchant’s PCI scope. To learn more about the different credit card collection and processing solutions contact us today for a free demo.

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