HostedPCI Delayed BIN feature

What is Delayed BIN?

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By now everyone is adapting to the new 3DS 2.0 and MIT framework mandate which was introduced back in 2019. However, for some merchants, the 3DS 2.0 transaction flow continues to present challenges to their business processes. The most common concern we have received regarding the 3DS process is related to the BIN, while the roadblock may be different from Merchant to Merchant the underlying issue is the same and relates to the 3DS’ need to collect the BIN on the front end before Merchants have had a chance to analyze it. Throughout this blog, we will provide details on the HostedPCI solution we developed for merchants to work with the new 3DS 2.0 platform while still maintaining regular business processes surrounding the BIN.

In order to work with 3DS 2.0 using a third party, Merchants are required to provide the merchant account details that will process the transaction before they initialize the 3DS process. Since the new 3DS 2.0 workflow requires multiple interactions with the front-end web page, HostedPCI built the 3rd party javascript right into our iFrame to reduce the amount of javascript the merchant needed to implement. However, this meant that we needed the merchant account information provided to our iFrame before it loads in order to create a session and order number. The concern with this flow is that certain Merchants make decisions about where the transaction will be processed after they have analyzed the BIN from the customer. 3DS 2.0 is also specific to European cards and therefore certain Merchants would prefer to analyze the BIN first to confirm that card is required to go through 3DS instead of initializing it for every transaction. In order to address this roadblock associated with implementing 3DS 2.0, HostedPCI built two different 3DS 2.0 iFrames, the second iFrame implementation is what we call the delayed BIN 3DS solution.

The HostedPCI Delayed BIN solution was designed to give Merchants the choice of when they wanted to initiate the 3DS 2.0 flow. The Delayed BIN feature is only necessary for 3DS transactions, this feature will delay the loading of 3DS javascript within the iFrame after the customer has entered their credit card. This way the Merchant has time to review the BIN and determine which merchant account would be best to use. Once the account has been selected the merchant will provide the profile name details to the HostedPCI’s iFrame in order for us to launch the 3DS javascript, start the device collection, and bin process with the 3DS provider. Once the front-end processes are completed and the customer has submitted the checkout form HostedPCI will complete the 3DS enrollment flow and if required display the one-time pin iframe in order for the customer to verify the transaction before submitting it to the payment gateway. Using this solution Merchants are able to complete their BIN analysis regarding which BINs qualify for 3DS 2.0 and which merchant account they would like to use. Not only does this solution give merchants the flexibility over their check-out page it also saves the merchant and customer the time required to go through the 3DS flow if it is not required.

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