Token and Payment Vault

Token & Vaulting

The HostedPCI tokenization and payment vaulting services are the core of the business that we provide to merchants for all of their online payment needs. The tokenization process replaces the credit card PAN or Automated Clear House (ACH) account details with a secure token. The token is 16 digits in length for Credit Card and also keeps the first four and last four digits of the card to make it easier for Merchants to verify a customer’s card. The real Credit Card PAN and ACH account numbers are stored within a HostedPCI secure vault. Each merchant receives their own staging vault and live vault to keep their information separate from all other merchants.

How it works:

The token that is used by Hosted PCI looks like a real credit card. The first 4 digits and the last 4 digits of the token match those of the credit card number, but in fact, the token is not a real credit card number. By default, the token fails MOD 10 (Modulus 10) LUHN checks. The combination of the credit Card PAN tokens is customizable according to the needs of the merchants. The available combinations are 4+8+4, 1+11+4, 6+6+4, and 8+4+4 (8-digit BIN). The ACH data token will contain the same first two digits of the Routing Number and will also have the same last 4 digits as the Account Number.

Once HostedPCI has collected the credit card or ACH data using one of the methods listed above it is then stored within a Merchant-specific designated vault. All Merchant receive their own staging and production vault completely separate from all other Merchants that use our solution. Each vault is set up as its own environment which means that tokens can not be interchanged between vaults, this means that each set of tokens created within a vault is for that vault only and can not be used in any other vault. This logic ensures that each Merchant’s data is securely stored and can not be accessed by anyone who does not have the specific token generated by your iFrame and API credentials.

The HostedPCI Tokenization and vaulting solution is independent and durable which means it can be used with any payment gateway which is on our list of supported gateways. For more information on our vaulting solutions please contact us.

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