HostedPCI is now on the AppExchange, making it easier for companies that use Salesforce for their CRM can reduce their PCI scope without compromising customer experience. HostedPCI offer 2 main services within the Salesforce APP, our iFrame for eCommerce companies and our IVR for call centre companies. With the HostedPCI APP companies are able to store the credit card token along with the rest of the client information within their Salesforce environment. HostedPCI Offers 2 options for collecting the customers information an internal option and an external option. The internal option is used for customer service representative to collect customers information either in person or over the phone, and our external app can be integrated into companies website for the customer to enter their credit card information. The benefit of using the HostedPCI’s external app is that instead of a company having to do extra steps to transfer the token and credit card information into their Salesforce environment, the external app inserts all the data for them, removing any additional work. For further information and to download our Salesforce App please visit Salesforce PCI Compliance.