SecureNet services were integrated by HostedPCI since 2011, we support the following credit card processing features by SecureNet.

Feature Level of Support
Auth Implemented
Sale (Auth+Capture) Implemented
Capture Implemented
Void Implemented
Credit Implemented

About SecureNet:
As a direct payment processor, SecureNet delivers cost effective solutions by passing on significant cost savings to merchants, resellers and partners. Processing billions in annual transaction volume, SecureNet enables universal commerce for over 17,000 merchants and some of the most well-known brand name partners.

SecureNet offers the most innovative payment technology operating system directly connected to the major card networks available in the market. SecureNet’s PayOS enables merchants to accept any payment type, anytime, anywhere through point-of-sale, eCommerce and mobile acceptance.

Sophisticated payment APIs and flexible architecture simplify integration, and empower merchants and developers to design and control their own payment roadmap while monetizing their business solution.

Authentication and Security Credentials: 

  • Secure ID
  • Secure Key