SlimCD Payment Gateway

About SlimCD:

Slim CD’s gateway system was designed to allow merchants to take any kind of electronic payment with a single piece of software – quickly, easily, painlessly, from any PC. Connect to the internet and you’re ready to process. Our desktop software makes processing a payment simple.

Implemented Features:

Auth Implemented
Sale Implemented
Capture Implemented
Void Implemented
Credit Implemented
Gateway Tokenize Implemented

Authentication and Security Credentials:

  • User Name
  • Client ID

Supported Parameters:

apiVersion Numerical Required “1.0.1”
apiType Alphabetical Required “pxyhpci”
userName Alphanumeric Required API Username
userPassKey Alphanumeric Required API PassKey
pxyCreditCard.creditCardNumber Numerical Required HostedPCI Token Representing Credit Card
pxy.CreditCard.cardCodeVerification Numerical Optional HostedPCI Token Representing CVV Code
pxyCreditCard.expirationMonth Numerical Required Expiration month with 2 digits for example, for December use “12”
pxyCreditCard.expirationYear Numerical Required Expiration year with 4 digits for example, for 2025, use “2025”
pxyTransaction.txnCurISO Alphabetical Required 3 letter ISO Currency Code for example, “USD” or “CAD”
pxyTransaction.txnAmount Numerical Required Amount to Authorize, for example for $10.50 use 10.50
pxyTransaction.merchantRefId Numerical Required Merchant reference number can be order id or invoice id
pxyTransaction.txnPayName Alphanumeric Required HostedPCI payment profile name, for example “DEF”
pxyCustomerInfo.billingLocation.firstName Alphabetical Optional Customer’s First Name
pxyCustomerInfo.billingLocation.lastName Alphabetical Optional Customer’s Last Name
pxyCustomerInfo.billingLocation.address Alphanumeric Optional Customer’s Billing Address Alphabetical Optional Customer’s Billing City
pxyCustomerInfo.billingLocation.state Alphabetical Optional Customer’s Billing State or Province
pxyCustomerInfo.billingLocation.zipCode AlphaNumeric Optional Customer’s Billing Zip Code or Postal Code Alphabetical Optional Customer’s Email Address
pxyCustomerInfo.customerId AlphaNumeric Optional Required for Recurring Transactions. Needs to be same for Initial and Subsequent transactions.

API Endpoint URL


API Request Body:

Parameters Required for Gateway Tokenization:
pxyCreditCard.creditCardNumber [HostedPCI Token]
pxyCreditCard.cardCodeVerification [HostedPCI CVV place holder]
pxyCreditCard.expirationMonth [Credit Card expire month]
pxyCreditCard.expirationYear [Credit Card expire year]
pxyTransaction.txnPayName [Profile Name provided by HostedPCI]
pxyCustomerInfo.billingLocation.firstName [Client’s first name as it appears on the card]
pxyCustomerInfo.billingLocation.lastName [Client’s last name as it appears on the card]