Redecard services were integrated by HostedPCI since 2012, we support the following credit card processing features provided by Redecard.

Feature Level of Support
Auth Implemented
Sale (Auth+Capture) Implemented
Capture Implemented
Void Implemented
Credit Implemented

About Redecard:
Rede known as Redecard is a Brazilian multi-brand acquirer with 25 brands in its portfolio, for credit, debit and benefit cards. Its activities include merchant acquiring, capturing, transmission, processing and settlement of credit and debit card transactions, prepayment of receivables to merchants (resulting from sales made by means of credit cards), rental of POS terminals, check verification through POS terminals, and the capture and transmission of transactions using benefit-voucher, private-label cards and loyalty programs such as Multiplus. The company is the second largest in its sector, after Cielo. The company was traded in BM&F Bovespa and disclosed in 2012, 24, September.

Authentication and Security Credentials:

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