PayFlow Pro services were integrated by HostedPCI since 2009, we support the following credit card processing features by PayFlow Pro.

Feature Level of Support
Auth Implemented
Sale (Auth+Capture) Implemented
Capture Implemented
Void Implemented
Credit Implemented

About PayFlow Pro:
PayFlow Pro, a world-class payment gateway, connects your online store to your existing internet merchant account. It enables your business to:

  • Accept credit cards, debit cards, more. Plus accept PayPal too.
  • Optimize the customer experience by letting shoppers complete the checkout process without leaving your website.
  • Stay secure with access to one of the most powerful risk-management systems.
  • Integrate easily. Payflow Pro is pre-integrated into many shopping carts.

Authentication and Security Credentials: 

  • PayPal username
  • PayPal password
  • Vender name
  • Partner name