Chase Payment Batch

About Chase Payment Batch:

Chase Paymentech is a subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase. Chase Paymentech has been in the business for over 25 years and offers multiple easy-to-accept payment methods, such as credit and debit cards, as well as prepaid cards. They support many of Canada’s largest brands as well as many thriving small business owners. So if you are just starting out, looking to grow, or are ready to transform your business, their experienced team of payment specialists is ready to help. Chase Paymentech understands the unique acceptance requirements of the Canadian Payment Industry and we provide a highly consultative approach to help you navigate the complex payments landscape. With this expertise and knowledge, they can help you choose the right solution to fit.

services were integrated by HostedPCI in 2017, we support the following credit card processing features.

Implemented Features:

Feature Level of Support
Dispatch Implemented
Fetch Implemented
Fetch File List Implemented

Authentication and Security Credentials: 

  • SFTP Username
  • SFTP Password
  • PGP Private Key
  • PGP Private Key Pass Phrase

Supported Parameters: 

apiVersion Numerical Required “1.0.1”
apiType Alphabetical Required “pxyhpci”
userName Alphanumeric Required API Username
userPassKey Alphanumeric Required API PassKey
pxyCreditCard.creditCardNumber Numerical Required HostedPCI Token Representing Credit Card
pxy.CreditCard.cardCodeVerification Numerical Optional HostedPCI Token Representing CVV Code
pxyCreditCard.expirationMonth Numerical Required Expiration month with 2 digits for example, for December use “12”
pxyCreditCard.expirationYear Numerical Required Expiration year with 4 digits for example, for 2025, use “2025”
pxyTransaction.txnCurISO Alphabetical Required 3 letter ISO Currency Code for example, “USD” or “CAD”
pxyTransaction.txnAmount Numerical Required Amount to Authorize, for example for $10.50 use 10.50
pxyTransaction.merchantRefId Numerical Required Merchant reference number can be order id or invoice id
pxyTransaction.txnPayName Alphanumeric Required HostedPCI payment profile name, for example “DEF” Alphanumeric Optional Customer’s Email Address
pxyCustomerInfo.customerIP Numerical Optional Customer’s IP Address
pxyCustomerInfo.customerId Alphanumeric Optional Customer ID
pxyCustomerInfo.billingLocation.firstName Alphabetical Optional Customer’s First Name
pxyCustomerInfo.billingLocation.lastName Alphabetical Optional Customer’s Last Name
pxyCustomerInfo.billingLocation.phoneNumber Numerical Optional Billing Phone Number
pxyCustomerInfo.billingLocation.fax Numerical Optional Billing Fax Phone Number
pxyCustomerInfo.billingLocation.address Alphanumeric Optional Customer’s Billing Address Alphabetical Optional Customer’s Billing City
pxyCustomerInfo.billingLocation.state Alphabetical Optional Customer’s Billing State or Province
pxyCustomerInfo.billingLocation.zipCode Numerical Optional Customer’s Billing Zip Code or Postal Code Alphabetical Optional Customer’s Billing Country
pxyCustomerInfo.shippingLocation.firstName Alphabetical Optional Customer’s First Name for Shipping
pxyCustomerInfo.shippingLocation.lastName Alphabetical Optional Customer’s Last Name for Shipping
pxyCustomerInfo.shippingLocation.companyName Alphanumeric Optional Shipping Company Name
pxyCustomerInfo.shippingLocation.address Alphanumeric Optional Customer’s Shipping Address Alphabetical Optional Customer’s Shipping City
pxyCustomerInfo.shippingLocation.state Alphabetical Optional Customer’s Shipping State or Province
pxyCustomerInfo.shippingLocation.zipCode Alphabetical Optional Customer’s Shipping Zip Code or Postal Code Alphabetical Optional Customer’s Shipping Country