Common error codes

Error CodeDescription
PPA_ACT_1User not logged-in, please check the user name and passkey are valid
PPA_ACT_2Invalid version, please use the correct version
PPA_ACT_3Too many mapping failures, contact HPCI admin
PPA_ACT_4SSL Required for the request, please https to submit the request
PPA_ACT_5Credit card mapping failure, please make sure only mapped credit card numbers are used for the request
PPA_ACT_6Payment gateway not configured for the currency, please contact HPCI to setup the correct gateway details
PPA_ACT_7Credit card operation failed, please check the gateway specific return codes
PPA_ACT_8Invalid amount, please check the amount sent
PPA_ACT_9Dependent credit card operation not found, please provide the correct reference number for the dependent transaction
PPA_ACT_10Unknown error, please contact HPCI
PPA_ACT_11Invalid operation, please verify the request
PPA_ACT_12Required parameter missing, please make sure missing parameter is provided
PPA_ACT_13CVV mapping failed, please verify the request
PPA_ACT_14Invalid expiry, please verify credit card expiry
PPA_ACT_15Credit card payment failed
PPA_ACT_16Used a duplicate transaction for the same reference number
PPA_ACT_17Credit card payment declined
PPA_ACT_18CC Token expired
PGT_SER_1Unknown provider.
PGT_SER_2Could not auth.
PGT_SER_3Could not void
PGT_SER_4Could not find
PGT_SER_5Processing transaction
PGT_SER_6Not implemented
PGT_SER_7Capture not found.
PGT_SER_8Points system not enabled
PGT_SER_9Gateway parameter is missing. Please review the additional response fields for more details.
PGT_SER_10Parameter not supported
PGT_SER_11Result empty
PGT_SER_12Could not initialize
PGT_SER_13Invalid amount
PGT_SER_14Unknown Auth transaction
PGT_SER_15Unknown Sale transaction
PGT_SER_16Unknown Void transaction
PGT_SER_17Unknown Capture transaction
PGT_SER_18Unknown Credit transaction
PGT_SER_19Could not complete credit
PGT_SER_20Call timeout
PGT_SER_21Unknown lookup exception
PGT_SER_22Preprocessor filter transaction rejected. Custom rule invoked.
PGT_SER_23Could not tokenize
PGT_SER_24Could not capture
PGT_SER_25Processing mode not supported
MCC_1iFRAME error, Credit card not valid
MCC_2IFRAME error, CVV not valid
AMC_ACT_2This error is a packet replay error. This happens when a user has attempted to resubmit a form multiple times, it is usually through the use of back button.
URU_3This error means that the socked timeout, this can occur because there is a temporary issue with the payment gateway.