HostedPCI Magento Module

HostedPCI has a Magento module which integrates our Express Checkout solution (iFrame) into the Magento platform smoothly. Our HostedPCI module assists companies with PCI compliance within their Magento cart by using the HostedPCI iframe to collect all the sensitive credit card data.

The HostedPCI module is compatible with most other third party extensions that your cart may use as well as advanced subscriptions and partial payment extensions. Our module also provides a unified solution for multi-channel customer use throughout the Magento store, mobile applications and CRM, ERP solutions. This allows clients the flexibility to have their own theme for their cart.

HostedPCI tokens can be stored freely within the Magento platform though “My Account”. Since our token shares the last 4 digits with the real credit card clients that use the site can refer to their card number by the last for digits.

The following images are examples of the HostedPCI iFrame module being used in different types of themes. The HostedPCI’s iFrame is seamlessly imbedded so clients can’t see the difference.

Download and Installation Instructions

Let us know that you will be implementing the Magento module and we will provide the latest .zip file and Magento module instructions along with the modifications if required.