Call Center Edition

HostedPCI’s Call Center solution is the simplest, most cost effective way to get your company’s call center PCI DSS compliant. Conventional compliance for call center is very costly and implementation times are far too long. HostedPCI Call Center Edition’s pricing is based on the number of call seats required as well as the monthly transaction volume.
Watch a demo here.

How It Works

HostedPCI Call Center works by connecting to your phone system during a customer service call. Any phone system that is capable of a 3-way conference call can be easily integrated. Here are the steps in a typical call session:

  • Customer calls in to your call center.
  • Your Customer Service Representative (CSR) takes a customer order and confirms all of the order details.
  • When the customer is ready to provide credit card information, the CSR then says “Please hold a moment while I connect you to our secure credit card processing system…”.
  • The CSR opens a hostedPCI call session and connects the customer.
  • The customer is prompted to enter their credit card information without ever leaving the care of the CSR, this minimizes the chance that the customer will get confused and drop the call. The representative is there every step of the way.
  • When the customer is finished with credit card entry, a token pops up on the CSR screen and the token can now be used for transaction processing.
  • Optionally, your order management system can be integrated right into the HostedPCI call center application.

Our patent pending call center module integrates directly with our Payment Vault Tokenization Solution and makes it easier then ever to ensure credit card security. Give us a call to discuss integration options and a straight forward compliance path for your call center.

Watch This Video

If you are unsure about the need for tight credit card security protocols within your call center, take a look at this video. Credit Card data theft is the norm in many in-country and off shore call center operations. Take control of your credit card security by removing access to credit card information from call center staff.