Call Center Edition

The HostedPCI IVR solution is cost effective and easy to use. Unlike most IVR’s used to the HostedPCI IVR allows the customer service representative to remain on the line while the customer goes through the processes of entering their credit card details. This new approach on using an IVR allows companies to maintain a high level of customer service while remaining secure and reducing their PCI scope.
Watch a demo here.

How it Work

The HostedPCI IVR is implemented easily using an API call and connects to a companies interface in order to receive the HostedPCI token, while the real credit card is entered into the IVR securely the token details will be provided in real time to a dedicated interface which will allow the customer service representative to process payments using the customer’s credit card in real time and provide the assurance that the payment is complete before the customer hangs ups.

The HostedPCI IVR integrates directly with our Payment Vault Tokenization Solution and makes it easier then ever to ensure credit card security. Give us a call to discuss integration options and a straight forward compliance path for your call center.