Hosted PCI was founded in 2009 to solve a very specific industry problem. Having seen firsthand how difficult the task of PCI DSS compliance was in countless e-commerce engagements, we set out to create a system that would help solve the problem across the entire industry.


In March 2010 Hosted PCI launched its first service for e-commerce merchants Hosted PCI Checkout Express Edition. This service allowed e-commerce merchants, for the first time, to have full control of their checkout pages. True PCI DSS compliance without sacrificing the consumer experience!

The heart of the HPCI system is the Payment Vault Tokenization module. Each HostedPCI solution is completely integrated with our payment vault allowing tokens to be seamlessly used between e-commerce, order management, call center and CRM applications.

Hosted PCI also launched the Call Center Edition which allows multi-channel merchants to completely protect their calls centers from credit card theft while creating a straight forward path true PCI DSS compliance for the call center.

Future Innovations

We look forward to launching many more innovative services such as PCI Zone Consulting Services and Hosted PCI Mobile Edition in the near future.

Stay tuned for more exciting company news, coming soon!