3rd Party API’s (Dispatch)

Our Hosted PCI Dispatch service is a third party web service that is used to submit credit card transactions to a third party web service, with the use of the HostedPCI credit card token. Our tokens can be obtained by using our Express iFrame solution, once the token has be gathered our e-commerce clients can continue with submitting the transaction to a 3rd party.

Specifying Dispatch Profile Name

Multiple 3rd party endpoints can be setup with HPCI and specified for each API call. 3rd party profile names can be specified with the parameter below. This parameter is required. Dispatch profile names must be pre-arranged with the HPCI team.

dispatchRequest.profileName, value [Name of Dispatch Profile to use]

Support 3rd Party APIs

File Dispatch Solution

HostedPCI File Dispatch solutions provides companies with the ability to gather credit card information, and request that HostedPCI send a batch file of information to a 3rd party secure location. Batch files are encrypted using PGP encryptions and sent over a secure TLS line to a secure location. Once the information is sent the additional client holding the token can gather the real credit card numbers from the secure location. This allows the company who is collecting the credit card data for other companies the ability to become PCI compliant with an SAQ type A form.