Optimal Payments services were integrated by HostedPCI since 2013, we support the following credit card processing features provided by Optimal Payments.

Feature Level of Support
Auth Implemented
Sale (Auth+Capture) Implemented
Capture Implemented
Void Implemented
Credit Implemented

About Optimal Payments:
Optimal Payments is a global provider of online and mobile payment processing services to thousands of merchants and millions of consumers.

We move billions of US dollars per year securely in and through over 200 countries and territories with over 100 types of payment and multi-currency options.

Our services deliver more than payment processing. They help consumers purchase and pay online with 100% convenience and confidence. They help merchants to reach out to more consumers, give them superior service and expand revenues. We are continually developing more innovative services to help consumers and companies worldwide.

Authentication and Security Credentials:

  • Store ID
  • Store Password
  • Merchant Account Number