Checkout Express Edition

The Hosted PCI Checkout Express module allows merchants to take credit card information on any page of their website. This includes checkout and my account pages. Hosted PCI uses an “Iframe” that can be easily installed on any website. Our Iframe is secure and is 100% Level 1 PCI Compliant. Our merchant’s websites never see the customer credit card information. That means, our merchants websites are not in scope for PCI Compliance requirements!

Hosted PCI allows for total flexibility in the checkout process. We believe the process checkout is your competitive advantage and where the biggest potential losses in conversion can occur, especially if you have to redirect the customer to other “hosted payment page” solutions. That is why we have designed the HPCI Checkout Express solution for complete customization. It’s your page, in your control. Just drop in our Iframe and provide us with a CSS to style the credit card fields. Check out some examples below.

The Difference Between HostedPCI and 3rd Party Hosted Checkout

Did you know that the final step of checkout is the place where you can potentially lose the most customers? This is what we call shopping cart abandonment, and it’s a huge problem for online retailers. The HostedPCI solution was designed to allow merchants to keep their customers in their checkout, giving merchants total flexibility. This allows merchants to have full access to their customers instead of losing track of them to a 3rd party payment processor (PayPal) on the final and most important step of the transaction. Checkout Page

Implementing The HostedPCI Iframe

When you sign up with Hosted PCI, we will provide you with implementation instructions for both the Iframe and payment module. We currently have API’s that cover the following environments:

  • Magento Module
  • Drupal / Ubercart Module
  • Java API
  • C# / .Net API
  • Webservices

Once you have dropped the Hosted PCI Iframe onto your website, the next step will be to implement the HostedPCI Payment Module. We currently work with the following payment gateways:

  • Paypal Payflow Pro
  • Authorize.Net
  • Chase Paymentech (Tampa and Salem)
  • CyberSource
  • Moneris
  • Star Card
  • PSI Gate

If there is a payment gateway or service that you use, that is not currently on our list, contact us, we might be working on an integration already.